Things to Consider During Industrial Air Conditioning Installation

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Considering the increase in energy costs, companies are finding means to cut on the utility bills. For many businesses, industrial air conditioning is the largest electricity consumer. However, it is possible to save a lot of energy if you choose the right air conditioning equipment. If technical managers can consider the following tips when selecting HVAC contractors, then they can save a lot of energy.

The Current Cost of your Air Conditioning System

Doing research on the current air conditioning systems in the market might save you a lot on what you use on paying for your utility bills. Consider talking to an air products supplier to be updated on the current equipment in the market and their efficiency compared to the system installed in your industry. You will be surprised to find that modern air conditioning systems are more efficient regarding energy conservation than the older systems.

The Number of HVAC Units Required in your Space

A good HVAC contractor should be in a position to examine your space and determine the number of units required depending on available sizes. As a leading manager, you might have some basic ideas about air units but seeking the assistance of an air conditioning expert saves you a lot of time. However, it is advisable to have your set of question ready for the professional. For instance, you might consider asking the cost efficiency of many smaller units compared to one large unit. Also, you might be interested in knowing which unit is suitable for your building, rooftop or modular handling.

Any Structural changes needed During Installation of the New HVAC

As much as you need an air conditioner, your business must also continue running. An efficient HVAC contractor should be able to give you an estimate of how much disruption to expect during the installation period. Better still; an air conditioning profession should be able to custom design a modular system to fit the dimensions of the previous system.


Finally, a good HVAC contractor should have the necessary licensing documents to carry out installation services. Air conditioning installation may also require handling plumbing as one connects gas supply or oil to the heating equipment. In this case, a plumbing license may be necessary. However, many HVAC contractor companies have professionals in all fields. It is, therefore, possible to have a team consisting of air conditioning professionals and a plumber sent to your building.