3 Problems With Your Home's Air Conditioner That May Not Be the AC At All

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A high-quality central air conditioner should run for many years without any major problems, which is why you might consider if some issues you are having with your unit are not really the fault of the air conditioner at all. Homeowners are often surprised when they find out that the ductwork of the home, the wiring, and other such parts connected to the air conditioner are the real culprit when it comes to a supposedly malfunctioning system. Note a few common problems with your home's air conditioner that may not be the fault of the AC at all.

1. Gets very cold and shuts off quickly

If your air conditioner runs and gets the space a bit too cold and then shuts off quickly, rather than operating slowly to cool your space and running consistently throughout the day, it may simply be too big and powerful for your home. An oversized fan will blow too much cool air through your space, too quickly, and then the unit shuts off as the temperature drops quickly as well. You might simply downgrade to a smaller unit that is better suited for your home.

2. Won't switch on or slows down

One common problem with an air conditioner that won't switch on or that slows down is that a circuit has blown; however, note that most air conditioners work with a 240 volt, double breaker. When you open the panel for your home's circuit breakers, there are two switches that should be dedicated to the air conditioner. If both are not in the "on" position, the air conditioner won't get electricity or it will get half the power it needs and will slow down during operation. Check that both these circuits are switched on so your unit runs as it should.

You should also check a tray under the central unit to note if it's full of water; this is what catches condensation, and when it's full, the unit may have an internal switch that prevents it from running to reduce the risk of electrical shock. Simply empty that tray and return it, and your unit might then work properly.

3. No air to one certain space

If just one space of your home doesn't get cool air from the air conditioner, it may be that the ductwork leading to that space is crimped, has a hole, or is even disconnected. In turn, the cool air that should flow through that duct is blocked or simply leaks through the holes or disconnected areas rather than making its way through the vents.