Clean AC | 3 Winning Tricks To Keep Leaves At Bay From Your Outdoor AC Unit

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Having an air conditioner has become a necessity during summers in Australia where temperatures often soar past 30°C in most regions. But your outdoor AC unit could become a hindrance to maintain if you live in an area full of lush green foliage because leaves, grass and debris can easily get into it. Failure to maintain the unit's compressor will drastically reduce efficiency and functionality over time. Luckily, this guide aims to aid you winning tricks to keep leaves at bay when operating your AC.

Vacuum The Interiors Of Your Outdoor Unit Regularly

No matter how much you try, stray leaves, stems and grass can get into your air conditioner's outdoor unit. The best way to ensure that the leaves don't cause permanent damage is regularly vacuuming the interiors of your outdoor unit. Simply remove the exterior panels before undertaking this vacuuming task to remove as many leaves as possible from inside. You may also want to vacuum the area under the outdoor unit to prevent excessive foliage build-up, which can enter your outdoor unit from underneath over time.

Surround The Unit With A Tightly Weaved Enclosure

Once you clean out the interiors of your AC outdoor unit, you'll want to keep it as clean as possible to prevent more leaves from entering it. A tightly weaved enclosure surrounding the outdoor unit is a good installation option because it will prevent leaves and grass from entering the unit, which means that your AC will run more efficiently for longer. Ultimately, this simple installation will likely prolong the overall shelf life of your air conditioner because of its ability to keep leaves and debris outside. Avoid using materials like iron and steel because they rust easily. Aluminium is a good alternative because it doesn't corrode like other metals.

Add An External Filter To Keep Miniature Foliage And Debris Away

While a metal enclosure is a good way to protect the unit from leaves and foliage, adding an external filter to it creates another layer of protection by keeping out smaller leaves, dust and debris to optimise performance for a longer duration. This external filter typically prevents dirt, dust and other allergens from building up quickly inside your air conditioning unit, keeping the indoor air fresh and cool at all times. An external filter is typically made from flexible PVC or polypropylene materials and can be washed every once in a while for the best results.

Keeping leaves out of your outdoor unit requires some thought, but the effort is well worth it when you enjoy clean, cool air for longer. For more tips, contact an air conditioning repair company.