Ducted air conditioning systems: A Favourite Choice for Modern Homeowners

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For most people, hot summer temperatures can be quite dreadful. You might have to deal with endless sweating and sticky hands, which can be displeasing. However, with a ducted air conditioning system you can experience a more comfortable and cooler summer. There are so many varieties of air conditioning (AC) systems in the market, but the ducted AC systems are often a favourite choice for modern home owners. Here is why:


Modern interior home concept embraces minimalist designs, which feature sleek but functional furniture, and simple yet elaborate décor. It will be hard for the modern homeowner to achieve this design concept, by using the traditional AC system, which distastefully hangs on walls. Therefore, a great alternative would be to install a ducted air conditioning system, which is almost invisible. The only visible part of a ducted AC unit is its vents, which are placed in the ceiling or floors. This almost invisible nature of a ducted system makes it easy for you to plan your interior design, thus a great choice for those that are concerned about aesthetics.

Easy controls and zones

One of the greatest advantages of ducted air conditioning systems is that they allow for zoning and temperature controls. For instance, you can have up to six rooms (Zones) in a house using the same AC system.

In addition, ducted AC systems offer easy temperature controls. This is great for large families who respond differently to temperature. For instance, with a ducted AC system you will not be enjoying cooler temperatures in your bedroom, while others are sweating in the living room. Both zones can be set at the preferred temperatures.

The advantages of zoning and temperature control make ducted AC systems to be energy efficient. This means that you will not have to spend too much money on electricity costs, thus making this type of AC cost effective.


One of the constant complains made by those with traditional AC systems is their noise levels. Traditional systems can be so noisy, making it hard for some people to sleep or take a nap when they are operating. On the other hand, ducted air condition systems are almost quiet. This is great for when you simply need some peace and quiet.  

Convenience, perfect temperatures, noise-free and cost effectiveness, are just some of the reasons that make ducted air conditioning systems a suitable choice for your home, and a favourite choice for many homeowners.