Why You Should Choose A Roof-Mounted Air Conditioning System for Your Business

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When it comes to making your commercial space comfortable for your employees as well as customers, an air conditioning system is among the key investments to think of. While there are plenty of options in the markets to choose from, the tricky part is finding one that will work the best for your business. To find one, you'll want to think about the costs, size of your building, the number of occupants in the building per given time, etc. 

One more crucial component you need to consider is where to install the unit. You can install your air conditioning system on the ground or on the roof of your commercial building. Here are four reasons why the latter is a better option. 

Roof-Mounted Air Conditioning Systems Are Space-Savers

The rooftops of many commercial buildings usually have a lot of unused space. You can put this space to use by installing a roof-mounted air conditioning system. You can then use the ground space for other tasks such as landscaping and extra parking. By installing a roof air conditioning system, you also make the ground space available for future expansions on your building.

Roof-Mounted Air Conditioning Systems Promote A Quieter Working Environment

With a roof-mounted air conditioning system, you won't need an indoor and outdoor unit as is the case with split systems. All the components including the compressor, the blower fans, the evaporator coil and the condenser coil are housed in a single unit. That's why roof-mounted air conditioning systems are sometimes known as packaged units. This configuration greatly eliminates noise pollution in your business, giving both your employees and customers an easier time as they go about their businesses.

Roof-Mounted Air Conditioning Systems Accumulate Less Dust and Debris

Ground air conditioning systems are prone to dirt and dust accumulation. That means more maintenance work will be required especially when it comes to cleaning. A lot of dust and dirt accumulation can also affect the performance or efficiency of your air conditioning system. Roof-mounted systems, on the other hand, are better positioned to avoid such issues.

Roof-Mounted Air Conditioning Systems Are More Secure

The location of roof-mounted air conditioning systems makes them more secure than their ground-mounted counterparts. Air conditioning systems installed on the ground are more likely to be damaged, vandalised and even stolen. Such circumstances can result in significant losses for your business. With roof-mounted air conditioning systems, you won't have to worry about dealing with such problems.