Is an Inverter Split System Air Conditioner the Best Bet for Light Sleepers?

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If you're a light sleeper or have kids at home who disturb your nights by waking up at the slightest noise, then you may have doubts about installing air conditioning throughout your home. Maybe you really want to install a multi-split system to cover your bedrooms, but you're worried about how noisy the system might be.

Buying an inverter split system may be the answer to your prayers. This kind of air conditioner keeps your rooms cool but is less likely to disturb your sleep. How does this work?

What Is an Inverter Split System?

A regular split system that doesn't have an inverter basically works on an on-off basis. The unit's motor works at a single speed. When the unit is on, it works hard to cool the room. Once it reaches its set cooled temperature, it then turns off again. As the room heats up to its pre-set hot level, the system turns on again and goes at full blast until the room cools again.

A system that has an inverter works at variable speeds. These air conditioners don't work on a stop/start basis but monitor and control temperatures more incrementally. So once the room reaches its pre-set temperature, the unit may slow down.

It then works constantly to control the temperature in the room as it fluctuates. So the motor may boost a little if the room heats up and idle down when it hits the right temperature.

How Can an Inverter Split System Help You Sleep?

Non-inverter air conditioning split systems can be noisy. When they turn on, they work at their maximum output until they turn off again. This noise may be loud enough to keep you awake. You may also find that this kind of system disturbs your sleep throughout the night. These units typically make noise on a periodic basis as they turn on and off, and these sudden noise changes may wake you up if you are a light sleeper.

An inverter can quieten units down. The system doesn't need to cycle through extremes of powering up fully and then shutting down. It runs more quietly because it is ticking over all the time and any boosts it makes are usually smaller.

Bear in mind that choosing the right system also makes a difference. Split systems come with noise levels that tell you how loud they will be. For more advice, contact your HVAC split system supplier.