Tips to Optimise Your Ducted Reverse Cycle AC

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Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners operate all year round to provide heated and conditioned air. The reverse function of this type of unit allows it to heat and cool the home. For this reason, it undergoes heavy use throughout the year, a factor that could lead to frequent breakdowns and malfunctions. Proper maintenance of the system can optimise its performance all year round and guarantee you heated and conditioned air when you need it. Below are some maintenance tips to enhance the operations of your ducted reverse cycle AC.

Clean ductwork and filters

Clean your AC ducts and filters at least twice every year, especially at the beginning of summer and winter. A ducted reverse cycle AC undergoes heavy usage during winter and summer. If your ducts and filters are clogged with dirt and debris, they will impede airflow and affect indoor air quality.

Duct cleaning requires professional help, especially since most of the installation is done in hard-to-reach areas such as the ceilings. During this exercise, your contractor should also check the ducts for air leaks. If leaks are present, reseal the ducts to maximise airflow and save energy. 

Monitor the condenser

The exterior unit of your AC, usually known as the condenser, does most of the legwork. During summer, the condenser absorbs heat from the house and pumps conditioned air into your ductwork. During winter, it does the reverse by absorbing heat from the outdoor air and heating your home. If this unit fails, your entire system will stop working. Thus, you need to be on the lookout for:

These issues signal a problem with your condenser. Failure to address them can adversely affect the heating and cooling capacity of the unit. 

Service the AC annually

Annual servicing is essential in optimising the performance of the ducted reverse cycle AC. A well-serviced unit will perform optimally all year round, save energy and break down less often. It can also avert heating and cooling emergencies. Below are some preventive maintenance tasks carried out during an annual service:

An annual service also includes testing the system for optimal performance. If the unit's capacity has reduced, your contractor will check for potential problems such as air leaks and component damage.

A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system requires proper maintenance to operate optimally throughout the year. Contact an HVAC contractor for more information about your options.