5 Benefits of Residential Ducted Air Conditioning

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If you are looking for a way to keep your family home cool, then ducted air conditioning is a great option. This type of air conditioning has many benefits in domestic settings. Five of the most important are listed below.

1. Cool the Whole Home

Ducted air conditioning systems, unlike split systems, provide a way for you to cool your entire home using just a single main unit and a single thermostat. The air con unit compresses and expands air to cool it. It then drives the cooled air into ducts, which take it to every room in the home. If you do not want to cool every room equally, then you can install dampers that allow you to limit or shut off cooling to certain parts of the home.

2. Save Money on Cooling

Compared to split systems, ducted air con can have very low running costs. As there is only a single unit cooling the air, this type of system is very energy efficient. Installation costs can be higher due to the relatively high labour costs for duct installation, but you are likely to recoup this money in savings over time. Many ducted air con suppliers offer financing options that allow you to spread the cost of installation, which can put this kind of system within your financial reach.

3. Low Maintenance Needs

Once ducts are in place, they usually continue to function well for many years, requiring little or no maintenance. You simply need to ensure that the single cooling unit is regularly serviced, including changing the filters. In comparison, split systems have multiple cooling units, which increases maintenance needs as well as the chance that you will experience an air conditioning system breakdown.

4. Enjoy Peace and Quiet in Your Home

Air conditioning units can make quite a bit of noise while they are running. Ducted systems usually have the main unit located outside, which means that while you are in your home you can enjoy peace and quiet.

5. Make Your Home Look Good

When you opt for ducted air conditioning, there is no need to find space for a cooling unit in every room of your home. That means you can focus on creating interior decor that suits your sense of style, not the practical needs of your cooling system. Ducted air conditioning is an excellent choice if you want a non-intrusive form of cooling that simply makes your home comfortable.